HTML5 Web Based Terminal Emulation

BARBARA CLAMAN on November 19, 2014 | 5582

Ericom is widening the reach of its signature PowerTerm terminal emulation software to enter the HTML5-based access markets for smartphones, tablets, and other user devices. This move positions Ericom to empower users in a variety of industries, including finance, banking, and insurance, with simple, elegant access to legacy host systems from any user device running an HTML5 browser. Best of all, there’s no client-side component to install. Applying to the Beta Program begins now — is your company in?

Check Out the Product Highlights:

  • Access from Any HTML5 Browser – Ericom’s HTML5 client works with any compatible browser for mobile and other handheld devices, as well as PC, Mac, Linux device, Chromebook, Surface RT and other devices. Businesses won’t need to design new software or applications to ensure compatibility.
  • No ActiveX or Java to Install – Tired of having to install native clients on each and every device? With Ericom HMTL5 Web Based Terminal Emulation, your teams won’t need to. Freedom from management of these client software allows your IT staff to focus on development and management of vital systems.

Apply to the Beta version of Ericom AccessNow for Terminal Emulation. The platform handles up to 35 terminal emulator types. How can your department afford not taking advantage of the opportunity to untether your users?

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