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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Scalability

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of choice for many companies. According to CRN, sales of hyper-converged systems reached $1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2018: a 76% increase over the same quarter a year earlier.

Hyperconvergence promises the companies that adopt it several important benefits:

  • Simplicity – manage key resources all in one place
  • Efficiency – allocate the appropriate resources where they are needed
  • Scalability – expedite and simplify the growth process

How it Works

In the past, IT managers generally took a tactical view of the datacenter and were very focused on managing discrete pieces of their infrastructure: computing power, storage, and networking.  The components were each discrete pieces that operated in their own silos and had to be put together manually, sometimes without adequate planning.  Mis-configurations would lay hidden for long periods of time and remediating them was difficult and costly.  Furthermore, each component of the infrastructure required its own IT specialists to manage and maintain it.

HCI brings the management of hardware and software together into one platform. Everything is virtualized: instead of allocating dedicated computing hardware and storage, (which results in a lot of idle computing power and excess storage capacity) resources as allocated as they are needed.

What makes HCI different than simple cloud-based computing or virtual desktops is that it integrates the management of both the hardware and the software together in one platform. HCI gives companies the ease of use of a public cloud-based solution, but running on their own private hardware – often a major requirement of security and privacy regulations.

Ericom and Nutanix

Ericom’s virtualization solution, Ericom Connect, is ideal for hyper-converged infrastructures such as Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. This is a distinct advantage.  Application delivery and virtual desktops demand optimized compute, networking, and storage, all of which HCI is well equipped to deliver in a nice tidy package.  Ericom Connect has been certified as “Nutanix Ready.” Combining the performance and flexibility of Nutanix’s solution with Ericom Connect’s always-on grid architecture affords our joint customers a quick and easy path to ensuring that their IT infrastructure keeps pace with the company’s growth.

Ericom’s remote browsing solution, Ericom Shield, is also certified as “Nutanix Ready”.  Ericom Shield leverages a flexible virtual farm of lightweight containers provide secure isolated web browsing.  HCI offers an ideal approach to ensuring that Ericom Shield runs at optimal capacity, while isolating malware, ransomware and other web-borne threats where they can’t harm the corporate network or user devices.

James Lui

James Lui

Group CTO, Americas | Ericom Software