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Intelligent Remote Browser Isolation: RBI Gets Even Smarter, and Easier to Deploy

Dynamic protection from dynamic threats

Today, Ericom introduced a simpler way to deploy and use Zero Trust browsing: Ericom Intelligent Remote Browser Isolation. Intelligent RBI provides risk-aware protection from web-delivered and email-triggered threats such as ransomware, phishing, credential theft, and other sophisticated malware. 

Cloud-based Ericom Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is, hands down, the safest way for users to access websites, since no risky site content reaches the endpoint. Now, Intelligent Remote Browser Isolation makes RBI use extremely simple and, in the process, improves web security for those organizations that had previously only been using RBI based on URL categories.

Some businesses apply RBI on a category- or policy basis. For instance, an organization might opt to have all uncategorized sites browsed through remote isolation, while allow-listed sites – for instance, major news outlets or financial institution websites – may be opened for direct non-RBI access. Similarly, they might choose to have all links from emails to high-profile – and therefore highly targeted – individuals within the organization – open via remote isolation, to protect against spear-phishing and business email compromise (BEC).

Cyber criminals, however, are well-aware of approaches like these. As “cats” constantly devising new ways to get at their “mice” targets, they continually devise new ways to inject malware into even the most legitimate sites.

The recently exposed WordPress injections are an excellent case in point: Millions of legitimate hotel industry, high-end retail, education, healthcare and music websites, in frequently allow-listed categories, were recently injected with fake content. When a user clicks on that content, the Gootloader downloader malware with which the WordPress sites are infected retrieves ransomware, a banking trojan or credential stealer, infecting, in turn, the visitor’sendpoint and network.   

Taking the Cat-and-Mouse Burden Off of IT

Ericom Intelligent Isolation leverages data from the Ericom Threat Intelligence Network to dynamically assess risk of requested websites. This network normalizes URL threat intelligence data from multiple industry sources and combines it with proprietary information from the Ericom global user community to produce a real-time threat risk score for every website a user attempts to visit. Sites with an elevated risk level, based on the latest data, are selectively sent to Ericom RBI for secure rendering, preventing any malware on that website from compromising the user’s device. As a result, IT managers are freed from the ongoing need to fine-tune policy and category specifications. By dynamically assessing risk, this new capability invokes RBI when needed to ensure that endpoints, networks, and data stay protected, delivering best-in-class combination of web security and usability for organizations adopting remote browser isolation. To learn more about Ericom Intelligent Isolation, see our recent announcement or request a demo.

John Peterson

John Peterson

Chief Product Officer | Ericom Software
John is responsible for product strategy and helping to define and support Ericom’s go-to market activity. Most recently, he was founding Chief Product Officer at Stellar Cyber. In his 30-year career, John has held executive positions at Comodo, Barracuda, Juniper, Fortinet, Websense, Montego Networks and Netscreen. He was a key member of four companies that went public and three that were acquired. John served as a United States Marine and holds multiple patents.