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Introducing Ericom Shield Cybersecurity Platform Integration with Palo Alto Networks

Ericom Shield cybersecurity platform has integrated with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall to provide a comprehensive, quick-to-deploy solution for defending enterprise organizations from advanced and evasive web-based threats.

Organizations are struggling to defend their digital systems and assets against smart, motivated cyber attackers, who continue to create advanced multi-stage and multi-phase threats. Even the most secure enterprises are finding themselves overwhelmed by emerging attack vectors, which evolve in a continuous, never-ending arms race.

Ericom Shield empowers users to browse the websites they need to get their work done and stay productive, while preventing ransomware, phishing attacks, zero-day threats and other malicious code from infiltrating endpoint browsers, and from there, spreading throughout corporate networks. Many IT departments take a highly restrictive approach to this risk, routinely blocking access to non-whitelisted URLs. The result is a delay for end-users whose work requires access to sites and increased exception request burden on IT staff.

The integration with Palo Alto Networks enables uncategorized websites to be  automatically routed to Ericom Shield, where each is rendered by a virtual browser located in an air-gapped, isolated container remote from the endpoint, in the DMZ or cloud. A safe media stream enables end-users to interact natively with the website, via whichever web browser they prefer. When a user closes a tab or stops browsing, the container is destroyed along with all content from the website, including any possible malicious content.

“Ericom’s integration with Palo Alto Networks enables seamless remote browser isolation with existing Palo Alto Networks deployments,” says Daniel Miller, Senior Product Marketing Director at Ericom. 

“With web-based threats becoming more advanced every day, it’s important to ensure our customers have the right security in place to protect their information,” said Navneet Singh, product marketing director at Palo Alto Networks. “Through our collaboration with Ericom, we will strengthen prevention for our joint customers.”

Learn more about the integration of Ericom Shield and Palo Alto Networks’s Next Generation Firewall.

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Gerry Grealish

Gerry Grealish

Chief Marketing Officer | Ericom Software
Gerry is a security industry veteran, bringing over 20 years of Marketing and product experience in cybersecurity and related technologies. Responsible for marketing and business development, Gerry previously was at Symantec, where he was responsible for the go-to-market activities for the company’s Network Security portfolio. Prior to Symantec, Gerry was at Blue Coat, which he joined as part of Blue Coat’s acquisition of venture-backed CASB innovator, Perspecsys, where he was CMO.