Is DaaS another fancy “aaS” term or a real business opportunity?

DANIEL MILLER on May 17, 2016 | 3548

It seems like there is no shortage of “aaS” related acronyms nowadays in the IT world. What started as a Software as a Service concept turned into a flood of service offerings that are fueled by cloud computing and virtualization trends. With the high availability of cloud resources and the enablement of powerful virtual machines, organizations are constantly looking for creative ways to offer new services. Desktop as a Service (DaaS), comes from the same school of thought, and is an emerging trend  in the evolution of cloud services. 

So Why DaaS? It is clear why DaaS is so attractive to companies who want their end-users served and their IT budget streamlined:

  1. The user experience and business needs dictate the mode of operation, the type of applications and the level of service, translating to a custom-made offer with a known price tag.
  2. The latency issues that were once a limiting factor to a smooth DaaS experience no longer exist.
  3. As an attractive model for many organizations, DaaS minimizes cost of hardware (CAPEX), and turns desktops and applications costs into a predicted monthly expense (OPEX),
  4. DaaS also provides end-users with the proper environment to do their daily job, nothing more and nothing less.

What about the Service Providers? In a DaaS model, the service provider manages all the applications, desktop, platform, and infrastructure, while the cloud service provider uses a single application instance to serve multiple customers, otherwise known as multi-tenancy. This “many-to-one” software architecture enables service providers to maximize computing resources and balance, flexibly, and efficiently, between capacity and performance. This is the heart and soul of the DaaS business model.

DaaS makes good business sense. With more and more companies migrating their IT operations to the cloud, and with the costs of cloud services coming down and cloud computing power growing, DaaS has become a valid business opportunity for both service providers and customers alike. Ericom Connect is well-positioned to take part in the growing hosted services ecosystem by offering service providers the opportunity to easily manage tenants, as well as admin rights and privileges, from a single web-based access management platform.

We at Ericom would be interested in hearing your thoughts on DaaS. Please join in on the discussion in the comments field below. 





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