Remote Browser Isolation

It Takes a Village

In every industry, the ability of organizations to meet their goals is largely dependent on the use of web-based resources. At the same time, web browsing and other online activities expose a large and vulnerable attack surface that can result in costly security breaches.

The challenge of ensuring information security within the digital workplace is one with which every IT and cybersecurity professional is all too familiar. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and user demands for more convenient and flexible workstyles only exacerbate the challenge. Here at Ericom, we aim to provide organizations with the tools they need to optimize employee productivity with seamless access to digital resources, while keeping sensitive information secure from external threats.

Survey Says…

In 2016, Ericom conducted our first ever survey on security trends within the workplace. The survey revealed several important insights into how modern workplaces address – and, in some cases, fail to address – cyber-security.

A key finding was that many organizations do not have a strong defensive strategy in place to manage secure browsing within the organization. These findings echoed the reports we were hearing from leading security analysts such as Ovum, Gartner and EMA, and in June of 2017, Ericom announced the unveiling of our dedicated secure remote browsing solution, Ericom Shield.

Browser isolation is the key to a more complete secure browsing solution

In the months since it was first announced, Ericom Shield has received favorable coverage from all of the aforementioned analyst firms and been well received by many satisfied customers. However, we are constantly seeking additional feedback from IT & infosec warriors, like yourself perhaps, who are tackling cybersecurity threats “in vivo” within their current business roles. This feedback is crucial to helping us gain comprehensive insight into the marketplace and better tailor our solutions to your needs.

Please help us help you by completing this brief survey on cybersecurity in the workplace. The survey should take about 3 minutes to complete. All of your information and responses will remain confidential (and will never be linked to you individually or to your organization).

In appreciation for your time and consideration, all survey respondents will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Additionally, a summary of the results will be made available to all respondents once they have been compiled.


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Linda Hagopian

Linda Hagopian

Program Marketing Manager | Ericom Software