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Netskope Integrates Ericom RBI into their Next Gen Secure Web Gateway

Last week, Netskope announced Netskope Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) powered by Ericom as part of Netskope’s Next Generation Secure Web Gateway offering, which is now available from Netskope and its global channel partner network. Complementing the Netskope cloud-native Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform, the RBI solution adds targeted threat prevention capabilities that protect users when they visit risky websites. We are excited to partner with Netskope and to help make this valuable protection against web-borne threats available to their customers.

Remote Browser Isolation Capabilities Enhance Netskope’s Cybersecurity Platform

When a risky website is opened, pre-defined configurations instantly activate RBI. This makes the integrated cloud-native Netskope RBI solution, powered by Ericom, simple to use – in fact, invisible to users. When a user navigates to a URL that was recently created and therefore classified as Uncategorized, or to a site categorized as a Security Risk, the URL is sent directly to RBI for isolation. The webpage is opened and rendered in a unique disposable container in the cloud, effectively air-gapping web content from the user’s browser. Only safe information is sent to the endpoint, where it’s delivered as an excellent, low latency browsing experience for users.

RBI ensures that any malware on the site, even zero-day malware that may be embedded in website resources (JavaScript, style sheets, images and so on), cannot compromise the endpoint. This approach keeps end-users safe from even the most advanced web-borne malware, including sophisticated ransomware, crypto-mining malware, drive-by downloads, watering hole attacks and zero-day attacks targeting browser vulnerabilities, such as the browser exploit attacks recently announced by Google researchers.

Many organizations spend significant time and money trying to manage access to sites that have limited reputational history and are therefore classified as uncategorized or risky. Many employees need to access these types of websites to do their work. Blocking them is prudent from a security perspective but means managing access for frustrated users via daily help desk trouble tickets and manual policy changes. Allowing access to these sites reduces user frustration along with help desk burden, but significantly increases risk. Targeted RBI, by focusing on these troublesome “middle ground” websites, eliminates this IT quandary, unlocking user productivity while reducing business risk and operational friction. In a nutshell, RBI allows employees to do their job without creating concerns about security being compromised through broader access to the web.

Aligning with the SASE Framework

Gartner initially presented the Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, security framework in a 2019 report titled, “The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud.” SASE represents an architectural transformation in enterprise and network security that is tailored for dynamic, cloud-native applications and remote workforces.

Capabilities that Gartner highlighted as key components of SASE platforms include network-as-a-service technologies, such as SD-WAN, CDNs, and WAN optimization, as well as network security services such as cloud SWGs, cloud access security brokers (CASB), and RBI solutions like Ericom’s. In their research, Gartner highlights RBI as an important security control that is experiencing growing demand for key use cases such as secure web browsing, phishing prevention, and data security. In the recent Hype Cycle for Network Security report, RBI was identified as a critical capability for the future delivery of SASE, supporting integration with SWG, CASB and ZTNA services.

Netskope and Ericom Software

We are excited to partner with Netskope and their channel partners to deliver our award-winning solution, integrated with Netskope’s Next Gen SWG. New customers can include the capability with their Netskope SWG solution, and existing Netskope customers can simply add RBI to their current solution to gain the unique security and operational benefits of Remote Browser Isolation.

To learn more, see the Netskope RBI Powered by Ericom data sheet.

Simon Moran

Simon Moran

VP Business Development | Ericom Software
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