New Microsoft Whitepaper: Remote Desktop Protocol Performance – and Some Conclusions

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 5668

The Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Team posted a new whitepaper in which they measured the impact of various RDP settings on network bandwidth consumption. There are no great surprises in this document, and the results more-or-less match expectations (and our own experience),. Still, it’s definitely worthwhile reading. Here are some conclusions based on the data provided by Microsoft:

  • Using 8-bit color depth can reduce bandwidth consumption by 50% to 95% compared to higher settings. However the difference between 32-bit and 16/15-bits is not so pronounced — 50% in some cases, only 5% in others
  • ClearType is pretty but consumes lots of bandwidth
  • Themes are pretty but consume lots of bandwidth
  • Disabling bitmap caching can increase bandwidth consumption dramatically. Using a bigger cache does not help much, however
  • The new RDP compression on Windows Server 2008 can reduce bandwidth consumption by 30% to 85% compared to Windows Server 2003. Make sure to enable this compression if you have users connecting over a WAN

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