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Since arriving at Ericom in January 2019, one of my top priorities has been to unite this innovative company into an integrated, fully-aligned organization. From Day One, #OneEricom has been a company-wide movement, our True North, with the goal of creating a deep-seated culture that unifies people, processes, tools, strategy and our products. We’ve come far on this journey, and I'm proud of how we are coming together as customer-focused teams with the passion to innovate, succeed and win in the marketplace.  Clear communications, transparent processes, and well-defined priorities have us well on our way down the path to #OneEricom.

The #OneEricom mission is simple: to help our customers be connected and be secure. Connected is made possible by our Secure Application Access solutions and Secure is achieved through our Secure Web Access solutions, based on Remote Browser Isolation of web and email services. #OneEricom converges these commercial products and services, uniting them in integrated solutions that are unique in the marketplace. Ericom aims to deliver a converged access and security platform spanning Internet (web/email), cloud, and the full range of modern and legacy applications enterprise depend on.  We are committed to delivering on the #OneEricom mission for the thousands of customers we already serve, and the many, many more who will join them.

As a company with a long history of innovation, we value our past accomplishments and heritage.  Indeed, our rare blend of past, present and future innovation sparks our vision and creativity as we deliver on the goals of #OneEricom.

A look at our customers reveals a mix of companies ranging from the largest enterprises and government agencies to small and medium-sized business, and even small office/home offices. Our thousands of customers — millions of users! — inspire us every day to improve and solve really difficult app accessibility challenges and protect the digital world from cyber threats. Our net promoter score – 40 and rising — is a strong indicator of the loyalty we have earned with our customer-first mindset. This, too, is a key element of #OneEricom.

Our customers are key partners in helping us shape our vision, future products and strategy. Ericom's product strategy and roadmaps are closely vetted with customers of all types and sizes. Their feedback is invaluable, enabling us to stay compelling and progressive in our constantly evolving market.  The same is true of our distributor and technology partner networks, whose key insights have improved our solutions. From advisory boards to strategic projects to tactical transactions, each touchpoint adds incremental value to #OneEricom.

And finally, but crucially, our employees are the heart of #OneEricom. We are in the people business. I’m humbled by the culture and values that I found in place when I joined Ericom, and the commitment to excellence contributed by our newer team members as well. These values have allowed us to attract intelligent, passionate and hungry people. We embrace our diversity, because we know different contexts contribute valuable and diverse approaches to solving problems. #OneEricom celebrates and rewards accountability and a sense of urgency. I am delighted by our team's curiosity and drive to innovate new ways to protect the world and revolutionize dated models.

#OneEricom takes a village. Each and every person counts. The full commitment of every team member to our culture and values is the rocket fuel that is taking us to new heights. I look forward to sharing updates on our #OneEricom mission as our journey continues.

David Canellos

David Canellos

CEO | Ericom Software
A seasoned cybersecurity leader with over two decades of experience heading early-stage, venture-backed startups, mid-sized and large organizations, David was previously Symantec SVP of Global Service Providers business. Earlier, he was President and CEO of Perspecsys Inc., overseeing its acquisition by Blue Coat Systems, which was then acquired by Symantec. David was SVP Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Irdeto division of Naspers, which acquired Cloakware, where he was President and COO.