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Palo Alto Networks Enhances Prisma Access SWG Capabilities with Ericom RBI Integration

Businesses that deploy Palo Alto Network’s Prisma Access security platform can now benefit from powerful protection from web-borne phishing and ransomware attacks by adding remote browser isolation capabilities.

In a post on the Palo Alto blog announcing the integration of Ericom Shield with Prisma Access, Anupam Upadhyaya, Palo Alto Networks Sr. Director of Products highlighted the enhanced security this integration brings to customers, the seamless Ericom Shield browsing experience, and the ease with which RBI services can be incorporated into Prisma Access deployments.

If you are a Palo Alto Networks customer, you’ll want to read the full post here to learn more about how integrating Zero Trust browsing can protect your organization from zero-days and stealthy malicious code hidden on websites.

Simon Moran

Simon Moran

VP Business Development | Ericom Software
Simon Moran is responsible for Ericom’s global technology partner business development efforts, including defining the company’s partnership strategy and execution for strategic relationships. He joins Ericom from Symantec