PowerTerm WebConnect 5.7 Now GA - With Dozens of New Features!

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1542

PowerTerm WebConnect version 5.7 – containing dozens of new features and capabilities – has been released for general availability. You can download it now from the Ericom website. I will blog about the specifics of these new features over the upcoming weeks. Until then, here is a quick rundown of the main ones:

  1. Ericom Blaze technology is now fully and tightly integrated within PowerTerm WebConnect. Ericom Blaze is a software breakthrough in RDP compression and acceleration. It addresses the challenge presented by remote connections over limited networks. Ericom Blaze delivers superior local PC-like experience and fast remote desktop and application connections, while reducing RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 25 times – across WANs and congested LANs. Ericom Blaze acceleration can be applied to both published desktops and published applications (click here for more information about Ericom Blaze),.
  2. Full support for Windows 7 and 2008 R2. PowerTerm WebConnect is certified by Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 and for Windows Server 2008 R2. PowerTerm WebConnect also supports Windows 7 as a client and as a managed desktop.
  3. PowerTerm WebConnect also introduces support for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. PowerTerm WebConnect has been verified to work with the release candidate versions of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
  4. Support for Microsoft RemoteFX, which is being introduced in Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 7 SP1. Microsoft RemoteFX is a set of RDP technologies that enable users to work remotely in a Windows Aero desktop environment, watch full-motion video, enjoy Silverlight and Flash animations, and run 3D applications – all with the fidelity of a local-like performance when connecting over the LAN.
  5. Full integration with Microsoft RDP 7 and 7.1, including:
    1. Automatic deployment of RDP7 to compatible clients (without replacing system installed version),
    2. 32-bit color sessions
    3. RDP7 enhanced multi-monitor support for desktops and seamless windows
    4. Support for RPD7 bi-directional audio
  6. Reverse Seamless Windows. This allows running specified applications and open specified documents or URLs on the client, while local windows remain fully and seamlessly integrated into the remote desktop. Among other benefits this provides improved performance, reduced load on servers, and reduced network utilization (Reverse Seamless is only supported on Windows clients),.
  7. Unified Desktop. This exciting feature enables merging local and one or more remote desktops into a single, seamless entity. The user can access both the local and remote applications and documents from multiple, on-screen Start Menus and taskbars (supported only on Windows clients),.
  8. Extended LDAP support: PowerTerm WebConnect has been enhanced to support untrusted domains as well as one-way trust and child domains.
  9. Enhanced desktop virtualization (VDI), functionality:
    1. Support for multiple datastores, including shared and not-shared datastores
    2. Load balancing sessions when using VMware vCenter or Microsoft SCVMM with shared datastores
    3. Display hosts in tree based on hierarchy in VMware vCenter or Microsoft SCVMM
    4. Create and manage library of machine configurations
    5. Apply configurations to selected machines or to pool templates
    6. Auto-sizing pools that automatically grow and shrink based on number of machines in use
    7. Specify number of virtual machines to pre-create in order provide them immediately, on-demand
    8. Automatically revert virtual machines to clean state after use
    9. Specify machine states on logoff / disconnect / idle time
    10. Availability Restriction Control limits access to machines to pre-determined days and hours
    11. Full cloning (copy cloning), and linked clones (diff disks for Microsoft platforms),
    12. Specify user privileges on machines, e.g. Administrator or Power User
    13. Support for Microsoft Active Directory (AD), and most LDAP compatible directory servers such as Novell eDirectory
    14. Support for RADIUS and RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication
    15. Automatically push out agents and agent updates to controlled machines
    16. Built-in FTP server for automatic software distribution to controlled machines
  10. PowerTerm WebConnect is now fully integrated with Microsoft App-V for application streaming and virtualization. This integration enables easy and quick publishing of packaged applications, by selecting them from a drop-down list. Applications can be launched from a browser-based interface (Application Portal) rich client interface (Application Zone), and Desktop and Start Menu icons. Applications can also be streamed to run locally, on a Session Host (Terminal Server), and on a remote virtual or physical desktop.
  11. Application Center – a unique integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer. Enables launching published desktops, applications and documents from any Windows Explorer window, navigate published application folders using the Explorer folder tree and view multiple folders at the same time in separate Windows Explorer windows.
  12. New Application Zone (Rich Client), features and capabilities
    1. Display visible and informative, yet unobtrusive progress indicator over the system tray whenever performing a potentially lengthy operation, such as initiating a new session
    2. Optionally reconnect all disconnected sessions on startup
    3. Prevent user from accidentally launching multiple instances of an application or desktop
    4. Flattened folder structure for desktop icons and more informative icon tooltips
    5. Logout option in toolbar
  13. New Application Portal (Web Interface), features and capabilities
    1. Easier to configure and customize
    2. Shorter and simpler URLs
    3. Can be configured to automatically launch published desktop or application on startup
    4. Improved messages and cleaner interface
    5. HostView mode for accessing legacy systems
    6. New Load Balancer Administration Console is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC), add-in.
  14. The Load Balancer now supports Session Host (Terminal Server), session draining
  15. SupportView (remote control of end-point devices for remote support), now works for restricted users and when UAC is enabled
  16. Pass-through authentication for 64-bit (x64), Windows in addition to the existing support for 32-bit (x86), platforms.
  17. Improved logging for analysis of configuration problems, slow connections, etc.
  18. Much, much more …

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