Remote Desktop Access to On-Premise Corporate Applications – How Do You Do it Right?

It comes as no surprise that a growing number of  professionals are working outside their primary office and on a myriad of devices.  No doubt, the growing demand for remote working is taking a toll on enterprise IT operations who (more often than not), must provide employees with 24/7 access to critical applications, from anywhere and any device, to ensure business continuity.

As advances in connectivity technology eliminate physical boundaries, and mobile devices become more powerful, enterprises are implementing new strategies and solutions to give their workforce online remote desktop access to applications, data and service – in ubiquitous fashion.

More and more companies are migrating at least some of their productivity applications to Web-based versions, yet the majority still require remote access to Microsoft Office and other Windows-based industry-specific applications.

In light of these trends, organizations need to find the best way to extend the reach of web and Windows-based business-critical applications for users anywhere, anytime, and on any device,  without compromising security and IT control. Today, many organizations are employing a hybrid infrastructure with Web / Windows apps hosted in the cloud and others running / being hosted on-premise.

Here are two solutions companies could implement to ensure workforce access to on-premise / cloud-based business-critical corporate applications:

 Ø  A native Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), client that works with smartphones and tablets as well standard workstations. Traditionally, this has involved installing a native client on all user devices, providing remote access to business applications whether these are running on terminal servers, virtual desktops, or physical workstations.

Ø  A browser-based solution that utilizes HTML5 technology. A high-performance HTML5 RDP client provides browser access to business applications and virtual or physical desktops. An HTML5 RDP client is the ideal solution that can ensure remote access to Windows and Linux desktops through web browsers, from any device.

Whether operating in health, education, finance or another business sector, increasing employee mobility and optimizing IT efficiency remain two of the top challenges facing organizations, large and small, during these competitive times.Today, when seeking to support a remote workforce, companies should take into account a solution that can provide connectivity from all network endpoints; that can function equally efficient with both native clients and browser-based clients.

Ericom provides both native and high performance clientless, “non-native” access from any device, anywhere - this includes mobile and web-based versions of remote access, as well as Mac remote desktop clients, access solutions for remote desktop on Linux, and remote desktop clients for Windows technologies.

Learn more about Ericom's remote access product portfolio from this Remote Access Solutions Overview video.

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