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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2187

Companies around the world are realizing the benefits of BYOD policies designed to keep employees productive no matter where they go. Software licensing is a constant budgetary concern for most businesses and hosted solutions usually represent a significant cost savings over individually licensed products.

Of course, these hosted programs do not come without security concerns. In many environments, employers have little control over what device(s), employees use to access company resources. It is for this reason that secure, browser-based solutions like Ericom AccessNow have become so important in the workplace.

How is AccessNow different from other RDP solutions? There is no software to install. AccessNow relies completely on the HTML5 web browser already installed on practically every mobile device. New browser technology has helped create a secure remote access solution that many businesses already rely on to keep company assets secure and accessible.

Leveraging the security and speed of WebSockets and HTML5, AccessNow provides unprecedented support for practically any device, anytime and from anywhere in the world. Instant access with little to no IT overhead is a significant tactical advantage in an accounting market full of fierce competitors.

Quickbooks is a perfect example of a hosted software solution that can be accessed remotely on any number of mobile devices using only the web browser. Rather than purchase and install individual client software for each device to access hosted resources, business owners can capitalize on installing a single solution that does not require any client installation, thus reducing client support costs. The software is available anywhere in the world and secure RDP technology ensures that critical data is never compromised. Application data is updated in real time; providing instant access to information. The result is a business process free from the constraints typically encountered in remote access setups using an RDP connection boasting enterprise-level security and encryption.

Another benefit to browser-based RDP is that many devices normally not compatible with various Windows software programs work seamlessly. For instance, Google Chromebooks have become very popular thanks to their low cost, but these devices are not capable of running standard Windows programs due to limitations within the Chrome OS. AccessNow allows Chromebooks, Android, iOS, OS X and Linux devices to access and run centrally hosted Windows applications and desktops without complicated (and expensive), software while adhering to even heavily administered IT policies.

Low cost hardware options (such as the Chromebook and some tablets), have become powerful BYOD tools for businesses. These devices have inherent design limitations that can be overcome with solutions for remote access to hosted Windows applications and virtual desktops, such as Ericom AccessNow.

Although many software vendors have started offering cloud-based versions of popular accounting products (including Quickbooks) most businesses still rely on solutions hosted in the organizational data center, that need to be managed by the in-house IT organization, which presents a constant and sometime growing overhead. This is especially true of companies that have already instituted BYOD policies for employees. Fortunately, HTML5 technology removes much of the risk typically associated with WAN access to company resources without the need for significant security policy modifications.

The benefits are not limited to hosted software access either. Network users can access a virtualized Windows desktop using HTML5 technology as well. No matter what type of device is available, an HTML5-supported web browser is the only requirement to create a secure RDP session from anywhere in the world.

RDP is nothing new, but it is a technology that has historically relied on client-side software to function properly. AccessNow lets users harness the power and security of RDP without these complicated software components. This technology saves businesses money in equipment, licensing and IT overhead; creating an opportunity for tangible growth with low startup costs.

To give your business the advantage, check out AccessNow by Ericom.

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