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And the Awards Go To… Ericom!

In the entertainment industry, there’s the EGOT, the elusive designation assigned to rare performers who have been awarded, over the course of their careers, an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Achieving EGOT-dom is the grand slam of the entertainment industry: Only a select few multi-talented individuals, who represent the very best of the best of show business, have reached EGOT status.

In our admittedly less glamorous – but perhaps more crucial – realm, the start of RSA kicks off cybersecurity awards season. And while there’s no exact cybersecurity equivalent of the EGOT, we’re thrilled to share that we have accomplished a grand slam of our own here at Ericom by winning almost a dozen industry awards this year alone – Cyber Defense InfoSec awards for Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing and Next Gen Email Security; a raft of Cybersecurity Excellence awards for Zero Trust Security, Endpoint Security, Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company and more — and being named as a SC Media 2020 Trust Award finalist for best UTM security solution. We are proud to be recognized for our overall excellence and our contributions to extending zero trust security principles to areas where they’ve never before been applied.

Zero trust is one of the most crucial topics in security today – and for good reason. It’s what allows organizations to move from a reactive perimeter-based security stance to a proactive stance that works with the flexibility and fluidity of the boundary-less cloud. Zero trust is the present and future of security. If your web browsing protection depends on detection-based perimeter solutions, the entire zero trust strategy your organization has worked so hard to build can be undermined instantly, with the click of a mouse.

With the announcement of the award winners, I'm delighted to see that experts in the field recognize the centrality and value of zero trust secure web access. Our own experts here at Ericom have grasped the importance of securing web browsers from the dangers of the web for years, since well before “zero trust” was on the tips of everyone’s tongues. It has taken some time for the market to catch up, but now with the dangers of the web regularly making headlines, the limitations of detection-based and user-dependent solutions are painfully clear.

Remote browser isolation is all about zero trust; with Ericom Shield, no content from the web, good or bad, is ever allowed to reach your end points. It empowers organizations to easily prevent – yes, prevent, not mitigate or detect after the fact – attacks from most of today’s most dangerous threats; rogue websites, phishing emails, credential theft, and infected downloads. And the best part is that your users can continue to browse as they please — there's no change to their user experience.


#OneEricom – A One Year Perspective

When I first started here at Ericom a year ago, I knew it was a wonderful place, with some of the most innovative and dedicated people in the business. That drive and commitment is embodied in the #OneEricom hashtag, encompassing our multifaceted mission; that of helping our customers, from some of the largest enterprises and government agencies to small and medium businesses, remain secured and strong against web-based threats.

It’s astounding, incredible—and frankly, humbling—to see what we’ve accomplished together. The individuals I work with every day are entirely dedicated to delivering the very best security solutions to each and every customer, regardless of size or prominence.

I can say with complete certainty that it’s #OneEricom, our shared goals that has allowed us to reach the point we now stand today, as the winner of eleven 2020 cybersecurity industry awards. I’m also thanking you—our users—who put their trust in us 24/7 to keep your browsers secure.

Here’s to #OneEricom—let’s see what we can achieve together in the rest of 2020 and beyond.


  • Best Product, Deep Sea Phishing and Next Generation Email Security
  • Most Innovative, Anti-malware
  • Publisher’s Choice, Anti-phishing


  • Zero Trust Security (between 100 to 499 employees)
  • Endpoint Security (between 100 to 499 employees)
  • Cloud Security (between 100 to 499 employees)
  • Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company – NORTH AMERICA (between 100 – 499 employees)
  • Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year – NORTH AMERICA (between 100 – 499 employees)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (between 100 to 499 employees)
  • Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Company – NORTH AMERICA (between 100 – 499 employees)


  • Best Cybersecurity Company – NORTH AMERICA (between 100 – 499 employees)
David Canellos

David Canellos

CEO | Ericom Software
A seasoned cybersecurity leader with over two decades of experience heading early-stage, venture-backed startups, mid-sized and large organizations, David was previously Symantec SVP of Global Service Providers business. Earlier, he was President and CEO of Perspecsys Inc., overseeing its acquisition by Blue Coat Systems, which was then acquired by Symantec. David was SVP Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Irdeto division of Naspers, which acquired Cloakware, where he was President and COO.