Support needs are a critical consideration with BYOD

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2192

Adopting a BYOD solution seems to be high on many companies’ lists of priorities these days. However, there are many challenges to consider before launching a mobile policy full-bore. Data security, employee productivity and distractions, as well as device compatibility are concerns that businesses need to address before adoption. According to Information Week , IT support should be near the top of the list of concerns.

Many IT departments have resisted the migration to BYOD, not because they don’t believe it has benefits, but as a result of the effort required to support the plethora of mobile platforms that professionals would begin bringing into the workplace. According to the news source, this extends beyond device types and into apps as well. When employees begin using personal apps in the workplace, it adds a host of support issues that may need to be overcome in addition to security and compatibility demands.

One IT professional told the news source about a specific incident where his company was attempting to integrate an app into workflow, only to have it removed from the app store and their iOS devices later – a situation completely beyond their control. Problems like this significantlyreduce the effectiveness of BYOD and could drive companies away from adopting it entirely. However, there are solutions that avoid these issues outright.

Adopting RDP-based access through Ericom AccessNow allows companies to provide secure, reliable remote access to company-hosted data and apps, eliminating the support concerns that IT departments have. Through enterprise apps and centrally-hosted data, IT teams only have to worry about maintaining one portal, while employees gain all of the benefits of BYOD. Additionally, the integration of an HTML5 RDP client allows workers to use any platform, be it an iPhone or a Chromebook, to do their job, due to HTML5’s universal compatibility.

Eliminating the stress related to supporting BYOD can go a long way toward making IT departments more comfortable with the trend. Ultimately, this will promote further integration of high-end technology solutions, such as virtualization, and help both employees and decision makers adapt to the changes more quickly. BYOD isn’t just a productivity enhancer, it’s a gateway to future evolutions of technology in the business world, and being able to adopt it will help any company start improving operations and becoming more competitive in its market.

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