Virtualization and cloud poised to evolve IT landscape

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2814

While no business should jump too quickly on the latest technology without first ensuring that it meets up with operational demands, all companies should be aware that the evolution of the cloud, as well as other technology trends, will affect the IT landscape dramatically.

According to Computerworld UK,there are many changes coming for IT, and in order to efficiently manage them, businesses will have to ride out the evolution of the cloud, desktop virtualization solutions and other tools. With the right approach, companies of all sizes and industries stand to reap benefits from the enhanced IT optimization, efficiency and a reduction in costs that these technologies can offer.

The news source lists four “waves” that will need to be met in order to achieve these goals: seizing cost reduction opportunities, optimizing for efficiency, re-architecting for the changes and driving IT enablement. However, these changes represent more than simply evolution of service.

One of the main factors in the recent drive to virtualization, for example, is a mass of acquisitions in the VDI market, according to TechTarget. With various major players in the tech scene buying up virtualization providers, it is important for businesses to explore all the options available and find the VDI solution that best meets their needs rather than bowing out to the big names.

Embracing the cloud and virtualization does provide many benefits, but not without some focus and time spent implementing these tools properly. According to Computerworld, this may require a rethinking of business strategies for IT. With virtualization and the cloud, businesses will want to get as much of an advantage from these services as possible, implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) Desktops as a Service (DaaS), and other cloud-based solutions.

With the right tools in place, businesses will be prepared for the future of IT and better able to embrace optimized use of the cloud, virtualization and the other changes to come.

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