Virtualization proves invaluable for industrial infrastructure

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2653

Network security is an important concern for any business, but it’s particularly vital in industrial applications. With control over power infrastructure and systems that could drastically affect lives if compromised, any business in this industry needs to enable high-quality security tools.

According to Electronics Weekly , this issue is compounded by the fact that many industrial firms have been around for quite some time, and are utilizing aging technology that simply isn’t prepared for cyberthreats. With devices never designed for a connected world, the risks are great, but the cost of replacing these systems is often far too high.

To maintain security and control over industrial processes without breaking the bank, these businesses will need a solution that allows for easy integration while enhancing security. According to the news source, this tool is virtualization.

Virtualization allows energy and power grid maintenance firms to integrate existing infrastructure with newer computers without opening the organizations to attack from hackers and viruses by placing workloads on a more secure system while keeping older infrastructure physically, and virtually, separate. This also simplifies many other technology needs for a business.

From running several systems off one piece of hardware to creating an “OS-agnostic” environment, virtualization can allow an industrial firm to simplify its systems. However, the company will need a way to enhance workflow further, and make these changes easy for employees to understand and access. As long as these systems are Windows based, – regardless of whether the systems are virtual or physical – the need for staff to maintain, monitor, configure and optimize them remains the same. Plus, accessing these systems should be possible both locally and from remote locations and from various device types.

An HTML5-based RDP solution such as Ericom AccessNow allows a business to provide access to its virtualized systems in an easy-to-access way by allowing employees to use devices that are familiar to them. This simplifies the process, encourages employees to embrace the new tools and doesn’t threaten security at all because devices are kept separate from the actual systems and data.

Implementing the right tools makes virtualization secure, easy and cost effective for any business, but in the industrial sector, it can be a lifesaver. With the right RDP client and the virtual infrastructure in place, older systems can be used efficiently, without affecting safety codes and certifications, all while embedding cybersecurity deeply within the processes.

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