Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

VPNs Are Today’s Answer For Remote Access. Ericom Application Isolator Adds Vital Protections Against Cyberattacks.

Note: Ericom Application Isolator is now available as ZTEdge Simplified Remote Application Isolation. Read more about it here.

Faced with coronavirus pandemic restrictions, companies, schools, universities and many other organizations rapidly enabled users to connect remotely via VPNs that were already in their networks, buttressed by additional, new VPNs to handle the traffic.

Despite longstanding security concerns about the combination of VPNs and flat organizational networks, this was a smart choice, since the alternative was simply closing their doors. A few months – and many, many cyberattacks – later, however, the path forward is less clear. Remote access is more important than ever – and likely to remain so. In the wake of the massive unplanned trial, remote work is likely to become a new norm – assuming, that is, that security can be affordably ensured.

Many solution providers are promoting software-defined perimeter (SDP) solutions to secure remote work. But this is not a great option, in the current uncertain economic environment, since it requires wholesale, costly network infrastructure replacement.

As someone who worked on VPN technology from almost the start, as soon as closures began I understood that organizations would double down on VPNs to enable access and networks would be exposed to cyberattack. So I immediately started working on a solution that would protect organizations’ private applications and resources. Ericom Application Isolator, which adds Zero Trust least-privilege access controls to existing VPNs and local area networks, is the result.

Ericom EAI microsegments access for each user, limiting their visibility to only the applications and resources they require for their work. Crucially, it cloaks all resources and applications from the view of any hacker who manages to break in, keeping them safe from attack.

In the video below, I explain just how we do this. Be sure to watch through to my description of EAI’s patent-pending Learning Mode (starting at about 10:30) — an especially exciting feature that enables automatic configuration of individualized least-privilege access policies for even thousands of users.

Now that you’ve seen what Ericom Application Isolator can do,  contact us to learn more about the valuable additional protections it offers.

John Peterson

John Peterson

Chief Product Officer | Ericom Software
John is responsible for product strategy and helping to define and support Ericom’s go-to market activity. Most recently, he was founding Chief Product Officer at Stellar Cyber. In his 30-year career, John has held executive positions at Comodo, Barracuda, Juniper, Fortinet, Websense, Montego Networks and Netscreen. He was a key member of four companies that went public and three that were acquired. John served as a United States Marine and holds multiple patents.