WebSockets Everywhere: the Future Transport Protocol for Everything (Almost)

DAN SHAPPIR on August 11, 2014 | 3000

The WebSocket communication protocol was created to provide TCP-like communication between web clients and web servers. But it quickly became apparent that WebSockets provide a great transport mechanism for client / server applications in general. In fact, many applications that have nothing to do with the browser are adopting WebSockets, and implementing their own protocols on top of it, instead of directly on top of TCP.

In this presentation, originally presented at BriForum US 2014, Ericom CTO Dan Shappir provides an overview of the WebSocket standard, describes its method of operation and explains why WebSockets have become so popular with application developers. He also details the security implications of using WebSockets in the context of IT management, as well as the requirements for a successful deployment of applications that utilize WebSockets.

To learn more about how Ericom uses WebSockets to deliver secure remote access to Windows desktops and applications, visit the following URL: http://j.mp/1luquBQ


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