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Think Cyber Security Isn’t Your Problem? Think Again…

According to our recent survey of IT and security professionals, almost one third of respondents’ organizations have been victims of a cyberattack. Of those, 13% reported financial impact of over $5 million, and 20% estimated the impact at $1 million – $5 million.

When a breach hits an organization, the consequences can be huge for all employees, not just for IT and security staff. When news of an attack goes public, customers lose trust and may suspend accounts or switch to competitors, causing a significant drop in sales. If customer records are pirated, companies often face costly legal action. Brand reputations take a hit. And of course, recovery efforts don’t come cheap.

And while managers might be axed following a serious breach, employee jobs – or at least raises and bonuses – are more likely to be lost due to an attack-triggered earnings slump.

So, what’s a business to do? The web browsers on all user devices are porous gateways through which malware can slip in and from which it quickly spreads throughout the organization. All it takes is one infected device. Yet we can no longer get through even one work day – in fact, barely an hour – without using the internet to accomplish routine business tasks.

Anti-virus solutions and firewalls offer some protection but it’s not enough.

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James Lui

James Lui

VP of Product Management | Ericom Software